Development of individual test systems

Different test methods in one system

We offer test system development base on the product Rohde & Schwarz CompactTSVP. For this purpose, we work closely with the development team and product management at Rohde & Schwarz. The advantage of the product CompactTSVP is the open platform. It is possible to develop test systems that use many different test methods simultaneously. For example, you can combine: in-circuit, boundary scan and functional test. Other methods can also be integrated into your individual test system. The integration of these different test methods in a system allows the combination of high test depth with low handling time. A change between several single test systems is no longer necessary.

The test systems are developed especially for you but are based exclusively on standard products from various manufacturers with a life cycle of at least 10 years. This ensures that spare parts are permanently available. Since we are not exclusively bound to the components of Rohde & Schwarz, we are particularly flexible in putting together the systems. The concept of CompactTSVP allows for all products that comply with the cPCI /PXI standard. This ranges from simple digital IP cards to cPCI spectrum analyzers.

The CompactTSVP can be constructed in different sizes, for example as a desktop device with a simple interface. Large test systems in a 19-inch rack on wheels are also possible.

The three standard sizes are:

• CompactTSVP as a desktop device
• 19-inch rack with integrated CompactTSVP as a desktop device
• Large 19-inch rack on wheels with possibility to use a variety of 19-inch compatible hardware

But of course, we are not limited to these sizes in development. The CompactTSVP can also be integrated into lines.
In addition to these special solutions, we also offer the development of test adaptations on the following test systems:

o Rohde & Schwarz CompactTSVP
o Teradyne TestStation LH
o Teradyne Z18xx
o Teradyne Spectrum 88xx
o Development of boundary scan test with Acculogic and Göpel hard- and software
o Special solutions for small test systems, which consist exclusively of stand-alone devices (e.g., spectrum analyzers and signal generators, etc.)

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